Environmental Sustainability

UNIDO implements a series of interventions and programmes that encourage the decoupling of growth of the manufacturing sector from the increased use of natural resources and environmental impacts. Strategies such as energy use efficiency, resource use efficiency, water use efficiency and waste water minimization, environmentally sound management of chemicals and waste and deployment of low carbon technologies are key themes across these projects.

  1. Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy in selected micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) clusters in India
  2. Promoting market transformation for energy efficiency in micro-, small- and medium enterprises (MSMEs)
  3. Facility for low carbon technology deployment (FLCTD)
  4. Sustainable cities integrated approach pilot – India
  5. Organic waste streams for industrial renewable energy applications in India
  6. Environmentally sound management and final disposal of PCBs in India
  7. Development and promotion of non-POPs alternatives to DDT
  8. Promoting business models for increasing penetration and scaling up of solar energy
  9. Environmentally sound management of medical wastes in India